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WeWork cares about sales more than community

WeWork is more interested in sales than building a community. It’s increasingly for big corporates. And it shouldn’t be described as providing “coworking” spaces.

These are the words of Tobias Kremkau, the manager of St. Oberholz in Berlin, one of the oldest coworking spaces which is now expanding all over Germany.

They come as WeWork’s parent company this week filed paperwork to go public in the US, just months after raising money from Japan’s Softbank at a $47bn post-money valuation.

WeWork describes itself as providing more than “beautiful, shared office spaces” but a “community” and “a place you join as an individual, ‘me’, but where you become part of a greater ‘we’.”

Kremkau knows more about coworking spaces than pretty much anybody else in Europe. Travelling from Barcelona to Stockholm over two months with his wife in 2015, they worked from a different coworking space every day. 

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betahaus Berlin: Coworking auf Berlinerisch

Im Interview mit den Netzpiloten spricht Madeleine Gummer von Mohl über die Anfänge des betahaus Berlin, was die Zukunft bringt und ihre Lieblings-Startups.


Vor viereinhalb Jahren gründete Madeleine Gummer von Mohl mit fünf Kommilitonen das betahaus Berlin. Heute arbeiten dort 280 Gründer und Freelancer auf 2500 Quadratmetern. Mit den Netzpiloten sprach sie über den Ursprung der Idee, wie das betahaus Menschen und Ideen vernetzt, was mit den Kölner und Hamburger Häusern schief lief und wie es in Zukunft weitergeht.

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